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Building authentic friendships for adults
The Oopar Tribe

Hey There πŸ‘‹πŸ», what does your social life look like today? Are all your friends from work or just too busy with their own lives? Do they truly understand your goals, ambitions and interests?Β 

Having a quality social life is crucial for your overall happiness. We as humans thrive on social connections and belongingness. Being around the right people can bring a lasting difference to our life and happiness. πŸ˜‡

However, making friends as an adult can be super difficult. For some of us, more than others. Where do you find the right people that match your vibe? Even if you find them, are they open to new friendships? How do you deepen relationships beyond small talk and superficial conversations?

Oopar is the solution to these questions. We are on a mission to help you build real and authentic friendships as adults πŸ’› – not just add more contacts to your phone!Β 

But how do we build authentic friendships at Oopar? πŸ€”

As children, making friends was easy. There wasn’t any checklist. You said hi , asked each other’s name and voila! you were friends. πŸ‘­πŸ» Or you simply made friends with the one you sat next to on your first day. However, adult friendships are more complicated than that. Our experiences shape our preferences and choices in friends. Building genuine friendships as an adult involves 3 core principles –Β 

  1. Continuity – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are friendships. Genuine connections develop over time through interactions and shared experiences. We host over 25 experiences every month, giving you ample opportunities to mingle and build lasting connections.
  2. Positivity – While hitting the town for drinks is fun, true friendship goes beyond happy hour. We’re all about bringing people together over shared interests, hobbies, and good vibes – activities that are super fun but also add some meaning and value to your life.
  3. Vulnerability –Β  Let’s get real – life isn’t always Instagram-perfect. That’s why we’ve created a safe space for genuine conversations. Whether it’s celebrating wins or navigating life’s curveballs, we’re here for it all. It’s a no judgment zone for you to be really you.

Over 1000 Troopars (our love word for our tribe) have formed genuine, lasting friendships through these principles. We are on a mission to unlock your true happiness and personal growth by fostering a thriving social life. πŸ’›

Oopar is NOT a dating community nor a professional network. We’re a community of like-minded individuals enriching our lives through genuine connections and personal growth.

If you have read this far, you will love being a part of the community. Consider this your VIP invite to join the Oopar fam. We’re saving you a seat – come on over and let’s make some memories together.

Let’s take our social life and happiness “Oopar” together. See you on the other side! πŸ˜‰