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21 Days Workout Challenge

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9:30 PM

Target - Do 30 mins of workout - 5 days a week.

Goal - Build a workout habit to remain physically active & improve your health.

How to join the challenge? 

Any workout of your choice works - running, hitting the gym, home workouts, yoga, a sport or walking (min. 8000 steps) - Share your journey on the oopar app - whether it’s a success or a setback that you are facing. Ask questions & get answers from other fitness enthusiasts in the group.

Why should you join?

To become a healthier version of yourself. And to win goodies & rewards from Oopar for working out consistently.

Who should join?

1. Want to workout but lack accountability or procrastinate

2. Love working out - you’ll inspire others & win gifts for working out

3. You are a beginner and don't know how to start your workout routine

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21 days workout challenge