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Journaling Thursdays at Oopar

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9:30 PM

Journalling✍🏼 helps us talk to and understand the most important person in our lives - ourselves. Life can get a bit complicated - putting our thoughts out on paper makes it both simpler and easier to live through.
Every week, we get together and journal our hearts out. Whether you love journalling or are yet to try it out, this is a space for everyone to think about & share your thoughts, dreams, and snippets of life.

What to Expect:
📖 Thoughtful Prompts: A prompt will be shared to get you thinking and reflecting. You just have to show up with a piece of paper or your trusty laptop.
🕰️ Focussed Time: After receiving the prompt - there is focused time & space for you to pen down your thoughts privately (feel free to keep the camera off during this time).
🌈 Community Connection: Share your reflections and connect with fellow Troopars in a non-judgemental space (only if you feel comfortable sharing).

There are no judgments, just genuine sharing.💙

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