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Reading Better Challenge

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12:30 PM

💡 Goal -Do 15 minutes of reading- 5 days a week. Build a reading habit - learn & explore more consistently.

How to join the challenge?

- Join the Boost Literary Skills goal in the app.
- Share a pic or screenshot of or share a few lines about the book you are reading in the Boost Literary Skills goal chat.
(Any book of your choice works - Read a single book or multiple at once )
- Share your journey in the chat - talk about your favorite or most hated character, something you learned or even lines from the book that you don’t agree with.

Why should you join?

- To learn more, get inspiration from the smartest minds in the world, make your brain younger, improve your focus concentration & creativity.
- Win goodies & rewards from Oopar for reading consistently.

Who should join?

Join if you:

- Haven’t read much before but want to start reading.
- Love reading but haven’t been reading recently.
- Are a regular reader - share your learnings and find them with other book lovers.

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