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What IF with Oopar

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9:30 PM

Ever wondered how different life could be if the world worked in totally unexpected ways? Just 1 change could completely change everything.

Imagine chatting with friends about crazy "What if" scenarios, like-
What if we could teleport anywhere instantly??
What if we could live forever?
Or the infinite scenarios we can think of!

At "What If: Thought Experiments with Oopar," it’s all about diving into these wild ideas and having some smart, lively debates. Picture a night full of mind-bending questions and cool conversations that make you see the world differently.

Why Join?

  • Explore New Perspectives: Challenge what you think you know and explore new ways of looking at the world.
  • Stimulate Your Mind: Engage in fascinating discussions that get your brain buzzing.
  • Meet Awesome People: Connect with others who love a good "What if" question as much as you do.
  • Have a Blast: Enjoy an evening of intriguing and fun thought experiments in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Who Should Join? Join if you:

  • Love pondering alternative realities and hypothetical scenarios.
  • Enjoy deep, engaging conversations.
  • Are into collaborative thinking and exploring different perspectives.
  • Want to meet a fun and dynamic group of thinkers.

Bring your curiosity and your best "What if" questions, and let’s see where our imaginations take us!


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