5 Bollywood Films that perfectly illustrate the essence of friendship

Bollywood often depicts a way of life that we all crave for. While shows like Friends and Big Bang theory have always been main-stream, we often overlook the friendships we have grown up watching on screen. Be it about Jay-Veeru or Sonu and Titu, these friendships were more than mere friendships. They showed us a transformational journey of their character through the support of platonic relationships.

Here is a list of our favorite Bollywood classics that have shown the journey of transformation through friendships.

3 Idiots

Talking of friendships and character Development and we surely couldn’t miss Amir Khan’s OG 3 idiots. While it breaks lots of societal stigmas and norms, it also depicts how important friends are in the journey along. Infact, with them even failures could be celebrated. Such friends help us to transform ourselves and discover our true potential. It’s one of those movies where the three best friends helped each other to give up on their fears and make their dreams come true. From helping Farhan to understand his true passion, to helping Rancho (later revealed as Phunsuk Wangdu) to accept his love for Pia. Three idiots has taught us the true meaning of friends and how they help us to know us better than our own selves.

Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

The classic story of the three musketeers is another movie that helps us to understand friendships and how it helps us to evolve into our better selves. From Arjun’s story of being a high-achieving workaholic and not feeling enough (something we all now relate with), to Kabir finally accepting his real feelings about marriage and Natasha. Friends make it easier for us to accept our own true feelings. They help us to take a stand for ourselves and help us to make decisions that we couldn’t without their support. This movie shows how friends are our biggest supporters and best healers.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

While some may call this movie a classic love story of Bunny and Naina, it has more than that to offer. It depicts friendship in its truest sense. With the classic dialogue “kuch logo ke saath sirf waqt beetane se sab kuch sahi ho jata hai ” This movie subtly teaches us the importance of friendships. After watching YJHD, haven’t we all got inspired to plan a Manali trip? The Manali trip that made Naina see everything that she was missing in her life, things that her solitude was taking away from her. This movie helped Aditi to find her girl best friend in Naina and to finally move on from Adi for a man who loved her in the purest form.


While talking about love and friendships, how could we have missed this one. Chhichhore shows the ideal college friendship, where friends reunite and are always there for each other, even when love isn’t. Where friends don’t just help to transform oneself but also support them through their later life conflicts. From marriage to children, every problem gets a bit easier to deal with when our friends are beside us. This movie shows the importance of friendship in the most difficult times.

Kho Gaye Hum Kaha

I know when we are talking of movies, this one is the least expected movie. But Kho Gaye hum Kaha depicts the friendship of the modern time in the truest forms. From conflicts due to love interest, to career challenges, from friendship fights, to misunderstandings, this movie covers it all. And later shows us that it all converts into laughter and comfort when we are with our best of people, with our best friends.

As much as we love these movies, something that we also have to admit is, friendships like these are now very hard to find and keep, especially in this urbanized civilization we are moving towards. Where it is harder than ever to initiate a conversation. Making new friends is the most difficult thing to do as an adult, and if you also feel so you are not alone.

In Fact no matter how nostalgic we feel while watching such movies, we are barely in contact with our old friends. Little did we realize that life happened and our truest of friendships fade away.

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