Life and Me by Jayant

When I start thinking and writing about Life, the only things which come to mind are Nature, Existence, breathing in and out, and watching the beautiful creativity of God the Supreme, but as soon as I stop thinking about life, I see everything which I think has less importance than the thinking of people in real life. People want to achieve something which has no end. Even I have compromised my health and relations for the rush of time to get some materialistic things that I thought will bring happiness to me. But at a point in time, I realized, that the happiness which I was finding outside lies within us.

Like everyone else, I too want to understand life but as deep you go into it, it is deeper and seems to no end. One side is to earn a living and the second thing is about Existence. Existence as in that what would be the purpose of life or from when it all started? People come and people go and it is known from SATYUG that whoever has come into this world has to leave. The Mabharta Sholkas teaches how to live and fight and also be a good person in what terms. But the ultimate ‘GYAN’ is still hidden. So I listen and read BHAGWAT GEETA and also the books of GAUTAM BUDDHA to understand the RAHASYA behind it. People are in so much rush of Materialistic things that actual life is also compromised. But the important thing is to bridge both of the Life which needs to be connected. How much a person should work for life and how much one should understand life?

There are many more things to know and understand but one thing, there should always be in mind is that life is too short so enjoy every moment and live in the present.

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