Staring at the walls

I sit back on my chair

Staring endlessly at the walls

Where did it all go wrong

For nothing seems to have no cause

The man in the mirror isn’t me anymore,

The man I’m searching for is already long gone.

I sit back in my chair,

Counting each wrinkle, here I sleep

Time has passed by quickly,

Life happened, some bitter, some sweet

Ebbing aimlessly, got me sick

Hey bartender, One more whiskey neat,

I sit back in my chair,

See the kids laugh and play.

I recount the time I was a child,

Now, waiting to leave the world, I pray.

I inhale the smoke of my choice,

Not sure if redoing would change any

All the promises had their prices

And all of it, I paid.

I sit back in my chair and wait

For the inescapable end to begin.

Will it be glorious, will it be nice?

Or, will it just be another shot with ice?

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