The Last Act

The stage is set, curtains ready to drop

For it’s a tired heart that needs its rest.

I lay my head on the pillow that never dries,

Wishing on stars, I won’t have to wake.

Priding myself on putting my soul into whatever I did,

Any second thoughts or diversions did quell

So much of myself I gave away in everything I created,

All left of me now is the hole of the empty shell.

Like, broken glass, pieces of me are strewn about,

Trying to pick myself up, I pierce myself again.

Like a rainforest struck with drought,

Wishing every living moment for rain.

Fleetingly, caressing the soul, the days go by fast.

Looking back, there sure was a life that was packed

The haunting echoes of laughter from days in the past,

As I lay here, pulling the strength to play the last act.

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