You are worth your LIFE!

Life O Life
Why so serious?
Why do you push me to the extremes of thought?
I gaze into the sight of what
I’ve lost all these years.
Look back at your silly mistakes,
And just smile back at them.
Because that’s the most you can do about it.
But now that I know
it’s all about learning to
Make the most out of it.

There are millions of reasons to be happy
But another million to make you worry
Remember to play it fair
Because it’s all in the mind of a winner.
You don’t know what’s gonna come ahead,
But a bumpy ride is sure by your side.
For any error that creeps into your mind,
Remember this too shall pass…
Our life begins with a win,
Leaving behind millions of counterparts.
So, you already are
One in a million!

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