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Mindfulness Challenge

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12:00 AM

Goal - 10-minute meditation, 5 times a week. Build a habit to be mindful and be in sync with your mind.

How to join the challenge?

  • Join the Build Mindfulness goal in the app.
  • Share a screenshot from any meditation app, a pic or write about your mindfulness experience in the Mindfulness Challenge goal chat. (Any mindfulness activity of choice - Silent or guided Meditation, Chanting, mindful Breathing, etc.)
  • Share your journey in the chat - whether it’s a success or a setback that you are facing. Ask questions & get answers from others interested in Mindfulness.

Why should you join?

  • To bring in calmness, mental clarity and reduce stress in your life. And to win goodies & rewards from Oopar for being mindful consistently.

Who should join?

Join if you:

  • meditate regularly- you’ll inspire others & win gifts for being mindful.
  • Have tried meditating, but find it hard to be consistent.
  • Are new to meditation and don’t know how to start.

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