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Mole Among Us - Hyd

your-image-alt Rénao - Café | Bistro, Madhapur


6:00 PM

 🎲 Attention all game-lovers, strategists, and Mafia/Among Us enthusiasts! 🎲

 Are you ready to step into the ultimate realm of deception and strategy? Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable experience with "Mole Among Us" – the most thrilling in-person roleplay game you'll ever encounter!  

🔍 This is your exclusive invitation to immerse yourself in a world where every move is a calculated risk, and every decision is a puzzle waiting to be solved. In "Mole Among Us," alliances are forged and broken, trust is a rare commodity, and only the cunning survive.  

Join forces with your fellow players as you tackle a series of exhilarating challenges, but beware – hidden among you are moles whose sole mission is to disrupt your plans and sow chaos. With alliances forming and suspicions running high, every decision could determine your fate.  

Highlights of the Event:

  • Immerse yourself in in-person live gameplay unlike anything you've experienced before.
  • Snacks included: Enjoy some tasty snacks as you enjoy the games.
  • Make friends as you play. Games are the best way to make new friends.
  • Test your deductive and logical skills in this thrilling real-world gaming adventure.
  • Step into your roles and wield your powers to persuade (or manipulate) your teammates to keep winning.
  • Form alliances, uncover secrets, and outsmart your opponents as you navigate unexpected twists and turns. 

🔑 This event is for you if:

  • You're 21+
  • You love playing games, especially if Mafia, Among Us, and other social deduction games are your jam.
  • You consider yourself a strategic mastermind.
  • You're craving an unforgettable in-person gaming experience like never before.
  • Challenging yourself is what you live for.
  • You have a knack for persuasion and can rally your teammates to victory.  

Get ready to unleash your inner detective and embark on an unforgettable journey of suspense and betrayal.

🎟️ Book your tickets now and secure your place in the most thrilling game meetup of the year! Don't miss out on your chance to become a legend in "Mole Among Us" – where every move could be your key to victory. 🔐 


1. Tickets once purchased are not refundable but can be passed on to someone else after informing us.

2. The organizers shall not be liable if any participant withholds or gives incorrect information about themselves.

3. You should be respectful and warm towards other participants and organizers.

4. By registering for the event you understand that the organizer reserves the rights to photograph and record the event and share it for marketing purposes on all social media platforms, website, app and any other medium.

5. We are only providing a platform for people to come together and network. Anything that happens between them shall not bear any responsibility on the organizers.

6. Please take care of your belongings; the organizers are not liable for any losses or damages.

7. By registering for the event you have given your consent to adhere to these terms and conditions.