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Navigating Styling with Oopar

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12:30 PM

What is this about?

Ever looked at your wardrobe and found nothing to wear or not sure how to put an outfit together? An expert will guide us through the ins and outs of personal styling so you can confidently buy & style outfits that work for your body type.

Why should I join?

  • When you know you’re dressed better - your confidence increases.

  • First impressions are a thing & proper styling allows you to make a good one.

  • Stop wasting money on clothes that don’t look good, and create a wardrobe that works for you.

Who should join?

This is for both men & women. Join if you:

  • Don’t know how to buy the right clothes.

  • Don’t know what suits your body type & aesthetic.

  • Want to create clothing combinations that look good.