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The Oopar Playground - Bengaluru

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6:00 PM

Get set for an epic journey back to your awesome childhood! We're bringing back all the crazy fun with classic outdoor games that will have you laughing, running, and competing like there's no tomorrow.

From the good old Seven Stones to the super-fast kho-kho, plus our own twist on squid games and a bunch of surprise Easter eggs – we've got it all. This isn't just about games; it's a ticket to a world where you can be a carefree kid again.

Amidst all the grown-up stuff, our playground is the ultimate escape. It's the place where you can forget about work stress and adulting. So, throw on your comfiest gear and get ready to play, stumble, and laugh your heart out. Let's make this day a blast, where the only tough decision is choosing which game to rock next! 🚀🎉

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1. Tickets once purchased are not refundable but can be passed on to someone else after informing us.

2. The organizers shall not be liable if any participant withholds or gives incorrect information about themselves.

3. You should be respectful and warm towards other participants and organizers.

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5. We are only providing a platform for people to come together and network. Anything that happens between them shall not bear any responsibility on the organizers.

6. Please take care of your belongings; the organizers are not liable for any losses or damages.

7. By registering for the event you have given your consent to adhere to these terms and conditions.